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Virtual Transit Reading

Los Angeles and Coachella Valley

  • 1 hour
  • 133.33 US dollars

Experience Description

Specialist l Frances F. Are you interested in studying and syncing up with the rhythms of Nature? Or maybe you’re feeling like - no matter what you do, you can’t catch a break and everything is working against you, or you can’t get anything to “go your way”. What many of us don’t realize is that oftentimes these periods are marked by heavy planetary transits that are inviting you to look within and assess how you can show up differently -as your highest self - to emancipate yourself from repeating cycles, perpetuating negative habits and reinforcing old narratives, wounds & limiting beliefs... For clients who’ve already dissected their Natal Chart with me or who already feel well versed in the language of Astrology and their chart. ✨ Get clear on the seasons of your life, how to best navigate them & which season you’re moving through currently. ✨ Look at lifelong & sometimes even generational cycles. ✨ Begin the process of breaking cycles that no longer serve your highest good. ✨ Find clarity and meaning behind why things have been unfolding the way they have been. ✨ Reclaim your power to manifest the destiny of your highest potential. ✨ Alchemize your reality by adapting a new perspective . **Birth Info Required (Date, Time and City/State of birth)** Espiritista, Psychic Medium, Diviner and Daughter of the Moon. She has been in touch with the beyond for as long as she can remember and driven by a passion to connect you with your spirit guides on your journey to your highest self. Whether you’re seeking consistent guidance, a simple card reading or insight to your soul’s map as written out in the language of the stars - you can work with Frances to choose the approach that best fits your needs. Guided by her wisdom, a lifetime of research and experience with working with spirits as well as studying under countless teachers and mentors. With one foot in each world it is her hope to intuitively guide you through life’s challenges. Frances’ warm presence and nurturing approach creates a genuine connection and safe space for compassionate guidance.

Cancellation Policy

Service Provider and Client agree that either may cancel the Booking without penalty more than forty-eight hours from the time scheduled for the Services. In the event that Service Provider cancels less than forty-eight hours from the time scheduled for the Services, Service Provider shall be liable to Fountful for liquidated damages in the amount set forth in the Service Provider Agreement, and Client shall be entitled to a discount in the amount of 20% of their next booking on the Fountful Platform. Such discount shall be Client’s sole remedy against Service Provider for late cancellation or failure to show at the agreed time and place or to provide the Services as agreed.

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150 service ratings

7/20/2021, 12:14:19 AM

Griselda was OUTSTANDING! She was so friendly, helped all over with our guests, took inititive to offer wine refills to our guests, cleared plates, ran food, refilled anything and everything and most important she and Thomas (bartender) made cleanup a breeze! Thank you to them and for FOUNTFUL for making it a joy to entertain!


7/20/2021, 12:11:55 AM

Thomas was amazing! He was on time, came with all the tools and gadgets needed to offer our guests just about any cocktail (we had a fully stocked bar). He was a delight! We will book him again!


5/22/2021, 1:25:54 AM

I got overzealous with my home renovations and my back went entirely out. Legitimately OUT. I had no interest in driving, sitting or waiting. Deanna was available next-day! She comes with her own security! If that's not next level luxury, I don't know what is. Phenomenal full body, spent the majority of the time working out my problem area and without being bony or aggressive with the sensitivity. No question. Full recommendation.


5/22/2021, 12:18:46 AM

I enjoyed this experience SO much. Frances took her time and went in-depth on each card she pulled. She gave me space to reflect throughout and the cards were directly connected to what I'm experiencing in my life. Loved her vibe!


5/7/2021, 7:51:32 PM

From the minute I booked my mani-pedi, I knew it was going to be great! My specialist arrived on time, set up in my living room and was a complete professional! Conversation flowed as work was performed . Quality of her work was fantastic! In and out in 90 minutes with perfectly buffed nails! I am booking Kunkanlaya G again. Thank you Fountful, you made my home service so easy...simple click of my keyboard!

Jen Birlem Valdez

5/6/2021, 8:12:31 PM

Fountful y’all are amazing!!
I received a Lomi Lomi 2 hour massage yesterday and it was undoubtedly the BEST massage I have EVER had!! Hektor was extremely professional and paid immense attention to detail!! He has thought of everything! From weighted blanket to warming pad on the abdomen to stars on the ceiling for an ultimate stellar experience!! He is extremely intuitive and his warm and calming energy can be felt throughout the massage. I cannot wait for another elite experience!!♥️♥️♥️


5/6/2021, 7:36:34 PM

Awesome experience! Quick and seamless to book and excellent haircut. The stylist was really wonderful and I felt like I was in a fancy salon-but I was right at home. I would absolutely do this again. I'm a busy mom with not a lot of time so the convenience of this is worth every penny! Well done!


5/6/2021, 7:30:12 PM

Hektor was amazing! The massage was equal parts relaxing and therapeutic. We were able to do a lot of it on my back, which really opened up my chest and saved my lower back from being uncomforable. He was super professional and attempted to every detail of the set up so that it felt like a spa at home.

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